SUBURBAN DOG has released a self-titled compact disk on its own SUBURBAN DOG MUSIC label (SDM-1CD). The pet project has long been a vehicle for guitarist Skip Spady, producer/bassist Chuck Brownley, and drummer Victor Jones. This is the first compact disc offering of the trio's work featuring eight studio and two live cuts.

Opener Pressure is an odd time groove that swings, rocks, and funks, all at the same time. Imaginary Phases is a polymorphic mix of pop and orchestral forms with a memorable hook. you hear Nashville, Motown, and Liverpool in the upbeat yet haunting (Got My) Fingers . "...the twilight zone of" Home, Home on the Range (VCR's & Video Game) is "...suspiciously retro...even as the driving beat behind it leaves no doubt we're deep in the present." A live rendition of Jimi Hendrix' blues standard Red House is included next.

Next is a loud, left of metal, funk rocker Line of Fire . The crisp lyric and reggae shuffle of Black Body Radiation paint a sexually charged urban soundscape. The adult angst and fun of It's My Life evokes a laughable self-pitying drunk at a wild funk party. The finale, No Aspirin (& the Dragon's Home) features former drummer Matt Scola on this live high speed fugue. The compact disc closes with two bonus tracks.

Vocalists Lygia Forrest & Mikel Bank, and sax player Deji Coker make guest appearances. (Full Credits)

SUBURBAN DOG is a mutt; a musical mongrel; rock group, power trio, funk mob, jazz cats, blues band, strip joint pit combo, orchestra... If bands must have a signature sound, then SUBURBAN DOG's mark is the defiantly scribbled paw prints all over this recording.


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